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1.  Gupta V, Booth S, Ko JH, “Hypermetabolic Cerebellar Connectome in Alzheimer’s Disease,” Brain Connectivity, in press.

2.  Szturm T, Kolesar TA, Mahana B, Goertzen A, Hobson DE, Marotta JJ, Strafella AP, Ko JH, “Changes in Metabolic Activity and Gait Function by Dual-Task Cognitive Game-Based Treadmill System in Parkinson's Disease: Protocol and Preliminary Data of a Randomized Controlled Trial,” Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience, vol. 13, pp. 680270, June 2021.

3.  Booth S, Ramadan A, Zhang D, Lu L, Kirouac GJ, Jackson MF, Anderson C, Ko JH, “The Vasomotor Response to Dopamine is altered in the rat model of L-DOPA Induced Dyskinesia,” Movement Disorders, vol. 36(4), pp. 938-947, April 2021.

4.  Szturm T, Beheshti I, Mahana B, Hobson DE, Goertzen A, Ko JH, “Imaging glucose metabolism during dual-task walking in patients with Parkinson’s disease,” Journal of Neuroimaging, vol. 31(2), pp. 356-362, March 2021.

5.  Beheshti I, Ko JH, "Modulating Brain Networks Associated with Cognitive Deficits in Parkinson's Disease," Molecular Medicine, vol. 27, 24, March 2021.

6.  Wright N, Alhindi AF, Millikin C, Modirrousta M, Udow S, Borys A, Anang J, Hobson DE, Ko JH, “Elevated caudate connectivity in cognitively normal Parkinson’s patients”, Scientific Reports, vol. 10(1), pp. 17978, October 2020. 

7.  Aljuaid M, Booth S, Hobson DE, Borys A, Williams K, Katako A, Ryner L, Goertzen A, Ko JH, “Blood flow and glucose metabolism dissociation in the putamen is predictive of levodopa induced dyskinesia in Parkinson’s disease patients”, Frontiers in Neurology, vol. 10, pp. 1217, November 2019.

8.  Katako A, Shelton P, Goertzen A, Levin D, Bybel B, Aljuaid M, Yoon HJ, Kang DY, Kim SM, Lee CS, Ko JH, “Machine learning identified an Alzheimer’s disease-related FDG-PET pattern which is also expressed in Lewy body dementia and Parkinson’s disease dementia,” Scientific Reports, vol. 8(1), pp.13236, September 2018.

9.  Ko JH, Katako A, Aljuaid M, Goertzen AL, Borys A, Hobson DE, Kim SM, Lee CS, for the Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative, “Distinct Brain Metabolic Patterns Separately Associated with Cognition, Motor Function and Aging in Parkinson’s Disease with Dementia,” Neurobiology of Aging, vol. 60, pp. 81-91, December 2017. 

10. Parkinson FE, Paul S, Zhang D, Mzengeza S, Ko JH, “The effect of endogenous adenosine on neuronal activity in rats: an FDG PET study,” Journal of Neuroimaging, vol. 26(4), pp. 403-5, July 2016.

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